Crepes Tivoli


A walnut/hazelnut cream filled crepe topped with a berry coulis and macerated warm strawberries. Kind of a classic desert for the Price’s. Enjoyable. Not sure if I would go through all the effort to make it again. But I would still give it a favourable review.


Pasticcio di Polenta (Cornmeal with Mushrooms)


This recipe is another first for me. The first time making my own polenta! Despite the cooking time, the recipe is quite simple and easy to do. A nice thing to be able to make polenta fresh. I kind of felt that the dish needed more mushrooms because as they wilted down they kind of disappeared in the dish. Still a pretty good dish. I probably wouldn’t do it again exactly as dictated, but I will certainly pull out the polenta recipe again!

Zuppa di Pesce Royal Danieli (Fish Soup)


As me and my girlfriend ramp up for our trip to Italy this summer, I have been especially interested in the remaining Italian dishes in the book. This one particularly grabbed my attention because we plan to eat at the famous Royal Danieli Terrace when we visit Venice. Fish stews don’t necessarily attract my attention but this was still quite a nice dish, comprised of about every kind of fish and seafood you could imagine. I doubt I will ever go back to it, but it was still a worthwhile adventure.

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