French Toast Santa Fe

This recipe for french toast came from the Santa Fe Super Chief railroad dining car  in the USA, a now defunct deluxe passenger train which used to run between Chicago and Los Angeles from the mid-30s up to 1971. The recipe itself is fairly standard although the addition of cream and trimmed crusts makes it quite nice. They were supposed to “puff up” in the oven but it didn’t seem to work for me. Although perhaps I didn’t soak them for long enough in the batter and my bread was still fairly fresh.  Still, a great recipe and will probably become the standard for me now. As an aside, the Super Chief was considered the preferred passenger car of the Hollywood elite and carried such stars as Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, and of course, Vincent Price. In 1952 there was even a film set on the moving Super Chief entitled “Three for Bedroom C” starring Gloria Swanson running off the success of her pivotal late era Sunset Boulevard. It is little gems like this which are the very reason I am so attracted to this book. Part culinary auto-biography, part time capsule, Mary and Vincent’s cookbook provides so much more than simply recipes.

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