Noisettes Des Tournelles (Fillets of Lamb with Onion Sauce)

I served this dish as the star attraction at a big family gathering and boy was it a home run. As Vincent promises, the onion sauce (soubise) really does taste marvelous and could go with just about anything. However what really elevated this dish was the pan Madeira sauce that you poured over top the lamb and onion sauce. Using the pan drippings from the lamb and combining it with half a cup of Madeira wine, chicken stock and butter the result is just unbelievable. In the future I would probably just leave the canned artichoke bottoms out altogether (or go fresh) and use whole lamb chops instead of boning the already small rib lamb chops. Also, use your own better judgment when it comes to cooking times on meat. I find the suggested cooking times a little generous and tend to overcook the meat. It may not be the prettiest plate but it certainly was one of the tastiest to come out of this book so far.

photo 1 (2)


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