Pate De Brochet (Cold Pike Pate)

This is one of the few recipes that just didn’t work for me. I wasn’t able to find any Pike so I used half Cod, half Dore du Lac. The Cod however was incredibly fishy and made the whole pate taste foul. Which is too bad because of the intense process which went into making it! First I marinated 1 pound of the Dore du Lac in fresh herbs and white wine over night then I prepared the fish force meat out of the Cod. I actually found the first error in the book here as the recipe directs me to the index to retrieve a recipe for panada (a kind of bread soup) but no recipe seems to exist in the book or it is hidden somewhere. Anyway, once the fish has marinated over night, you saute and then layer the fillets with the fish force meat and cook in the oven. After it has all cooled you pour the aspic over top. I definitely have some resistance to aspic but the wine and cognac mixed into the gelatin actually made it edible. Moral of the story is get really fresh fish if you want to try this recipe. Personally, I know I didn’t achieve what Mary and Vincent laid out for me but even so, I doubt I’ll be returning to this recipe. At least, not until I have a bit more experience with pates under my belt. 


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