Luchow’s Sauerbraten Mit Kartoffel Klosse (Pot Roast with Potato Dumplings)

I was really excited for this dish. It was to be the piece de resistance of my Dad’s 56th birthday dinner. Much to my chagrin however, this was not to be. Making a crucial technical error I disintegrated my potato dumplings in water that was too hot. The pot roast itself turned out fine, but for a roast that marinates for 4 days it really doesn’t live up to my expectations for succulency. The biggest problem I had with the recipe was that the gravy yielded was too liquidy and didn’t have that rich, dark molasses texture that I had envisioned. To be honest, it was kind of innocuous. The concept of a gingersnap gravy just sounds awesome. This is all a real shame, as I would actually love to try this dish done properly, their are certainly some  appetizing pictures on the internet of sauerbraten. Oh well, I doubt I’ll be returning to this anytime soon (at least not until my pride heals).


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