Cornish Pasties

photo (6)

There’s nothing quite so comforting as a meat pie. Here in Montreal we have one of the most phenomenal pie shops called “Ta” which specializes in Australian meat pies and has been hailed by Hugh Jackman as the “Best Pies in the World.” Against my better judgement, and the advice of all those around me, I followed Vincent’s directions and included the veal kidneys in this dish. Which is a shame because everything turned out so well: the rich pastry crust, perfect, the seasoning perfect, meat and potatoes, perfect, veal kidneys….? Absolutely atrocious. They really ruined this dish and made it virtually inedible for all the but the bravest eaters. I really tried to stay as true as possible to Mary and Vincent’s book but I’m afraid that from now on, I’m going to see liver and kidney as optional additions. But the great thing about a recipe like this, is that improvisation is the name of the game. So, I’ll certainly feel confident going in next time and making my own personal pasties.


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