Jambon Persille a la Bourguignonne (Jellied Ham with Parsley)

Seeing as how I had a bunch of left over ham from my “Braised Ham with Chablis” dish, I decided to try this jellied dish. I had all the ingredients except for calf’s feet and figured: hey, who needs calf’s feet anyway, right? Well, as it turns out aspic recipes that do not call for gelatin will often use veal bones because of their high percentage of gelatin to set the aspic. As a result (surprise, surprise) my aspic didn’t set! I wasn’t too upset though because I wasn’t actually expecting to eat this dish anyway (I mean why was aspic so popular in the 60s anyway?). It was cool to learn how to make clarified stock however by bringing it to a boil with beaten egg whites. So I learned a great deal with this dish, even if it didn’t turn out.


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