Montezuma Pie


Another peculiar dish. This is kind of like a Mexican quiche of sorts with two layers of corn tortillas, tomatoes, onions, chile poblanos, and cheese in between. The corn tortillas give it an authentic Latin flavor. I could see myself doing this dish again but probably spicing it up with some jalapeno peppers.


Stuffed Cheese


This is exactly what it says it is. A meat casserole topped and bottomed with a layer of cheese, in this case cheddar. It was tasty (how could it not be?) but it was also heavy to the extreme. The infused tomato sauce that accompanied it was nice but kind of superfluous for the work that went it out. The addition of raisins were a pleasant surprise throughout the dish, but I can’t imagine doing this dish again unless it was to invoke the incredulity of my dinner guests. This is a decadent cook book, that’s simply its nature but you do have to pick your battles.

Chillies Poblanos Rellenos (Stuffed Green Peppers)


This dish says you can substitute canned peppers for the freshly roasted ones, but my peppers were all broken in the can and so I wouldn’t recommend it. I happened to know of Latin specialty store in Montreal and scored a whole bag of chile poblanos for $5. This dish was rather difficult to pull off. Stuffing, battering and frying the peppers one after another single handedly was a feat. Also, because there was a slight incision running down the side of each pepper where they were stuffed, there was a very real risk of them splaying out into the oil and causing a big mess. Luckily I was able to fry them all without incident and (working at a break neck pace) managed not to burn any of them. Was it worth it? They looked cool but they turned out a little bland and for the effort involved, I don’t think I would do this recipe again.



This is a pretty decent recipe for a guacamole and I received a lot of complements on it. The only change I would make is maybe only putting one tablespoon of mayonnaise in as opposed to three. I suppose in the 60s it made the dish seem like more of a dip but to my tastes it just dilutes the wonderful flavor of the avocados.



Despite the astronomical price of halibut, I went ahead and tried this dish with the proper fish. The seasoning is just amazing. The Worcester sauce and Tobasco may feel a little dated but they make a punchy pairing in the salsa. I withheld the olives because my girlfriend can’t eat them. But I did try a small portion with the olives and I don’t think the recipe even needs them. If I ever need to make a ceviche in the future, this is definitely the recipe I will be going to.

Vermont Cheese Soup


I had been eyeballing this recipe for several months now and so finally worked up the gusto to try it. I used an expensive Ivanhoe cheddar which was just marvelous. The soup itself turned out quite well, although it is certainly a very heavy dish. You definitely want to follow it up with something light and acidic to cut through all that cheese. I’m happy to have this one in my repertoire but I’m not sure if I would break it out very often.