Chillies Poblanos Rellenos (Stuffed Green Peppers)


This dish says you can substitute canned peppers for the freshly roasted ones, but my peppers were all broken in the can and so I wouldn’t recommend it. I happened to know of Latin specialty store in Montreal and scored a whole bag of chile poblanos for $5. This dish was rather difficult to pull off. Stuffing, battering and frying the peppers one after another single handedly was a feat. Also, because there was a slight incision running down the side of each pepper where they were stuffed, there was a very real risk of them splaying out into the oil and causing a big mess. Luckily I was able to fry them all without incident and (working at a break neck pace) managed not to burn any of them. Was it worth it? They looked cool but they turned out a little bland and for the effort involved, I don’t think I would do this recipe again.


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