Breast of Chicken au Champagne

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I’m not sure how essential the champagne was for this dish, it just kind of tasted like chicken with Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup poured on top. I DID enjoy drinking the surplus champagne, however.


Crepes Sir Holden


I quite enjoyed this desert which is essentially vanilla ice cream, strawberries and crepes. The standout was the alcohol infused butter, however I feel as though the ice cream detracted those rich nuanced flavours of the flamed butter. The ice cream also made the crepes stiff and chewy. Still, a fine dessert.

Paella a la Valenciana

This over top the paella recipe was by far the most expensive disaster dish, I have yet to make. To be sure, I can attribute that to some lack of cuisine acumen on my part but for the most part, despite a cornucopia of ingredients, the one ingredient that would have actually improved this dish was just some spicy sausage. Move on, friends. There’s better paella waiting for you somewhere else.

Walnut Cake with Marzipan


I had high expectations for this cake, considering it was praised a “perfect cake.” And so I made it for my girlfriend’s birthday cake. Personally though, I found it overly sweet. And the marzipan ‘crust’ didn’t really lift off the serving plate very well for each serving. In the future I would probably cut all the icing sugar out of the marzipan and put it directly into one of the layers of the cake. But honestly, I probably won’t be returning to this recipe again, it could certainly be tweaked but there are so many great cake recipes in the world that there isn’t much incentive to work on this diamond in the rough.