Carre de Veau a la Duxelles (Roast Stuffed Rib of Veal)


This Christmas we continued our now annual tradition of having a Mary and Vincent Price themed festive dinner. This time, taking inspiration from the Holland section of the book. Tracking down the smoked beef tongue was like going on the search for the Holy Grail and when we did finally find it, it was the funkiest, gnarliest thing I have seen in years. Not to be daunted however, I plunged forward (ignoring the horrified cries from friends and family) and followed this recipe to the T. It was a fantastic success. The ‘duxelles’ crust really was amazing. The only thing I would change however is foregoing the whole pre-carving/stuffing aspect, which was an absolute mess and really didn’t seem to be worth the hassle (which clearly the book photographers felt the same). Would I hunt down for the tongue again? Perhaps not, but I am proud to complete these recipes without cutting any corners and the adventure is half the fun anyway, isn’t it?


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