Pannequets au Fromage D’Emmenthal (Little Pancakes Filled with Cheese)

As Vincent promised, these certainly were incredibly rich. I think I almost broke my Fitbit punching in the all the calories afterwards. But…was it worth it? I personally love crepes and cheese, but this dish was a little like a blunt head wound. No style, no finesse. I am always happy to try new dishes in the book, but I don’t think this will take first place for best crepe recipe in the book.


Sopa Poblano (Chili Poblano Soup)


Contrary to what you might expect from the name, this soup is not dominated by Poblano Peppers. It is, as Vincent aptly described, a kind of Mexican minestrone. And it was delicious. Simple, fresh fare. I found the avocado added not really necessary and I would personally add a dollop of sour cream over Parmesan, but other than that, a really great soup. The Price’s definitely have a great track record with their soups!

Hollandsche Biefstuk (Dutch Beefsteak)

Of all the recipes I will surprise my girlfriend with, with this book. None excite her quite so much as a steak and potatoes dinner. This 2lb steak sliced into portions was a very fine piece of meat and made a very satisfying weeknight dinner with some buttered potatoes. However the gravy itself, wasn’t overly impressive. Kind of weak and forgettable. This is the kind of dish that worked well but isn’t necessarily worth revisiting.

La Sole Fourree au Fumet de Meursault (Stuffed Sole Poached in Meursault)

It’s been a while since I made this one, but if memory serves me, it was a lot of preparation for what ended up being kind of fish and shallot mush. Tasty but I could have gotten roughly the same results without much of the fuss. However, I used frozen pre-skinned boneless sole fillets. So, obviously that had a huge impact on the finished product. But at the end of the day, would I try this with whole fish one day? Probably not. There’s probably thousands of recipes that combine sole, shallots and white wine. So, there’s always something else to try.

Le Poussin En Surprise (Boned Stuffed Rock Cornish Hens with Sauce Diable)


I have been looking forward to trying this dish almost from the moment I first opened this book. “Sauce Diable,” or Devil’s Sauce, combining Red Wine, White Wine, and Cognac. This sounded like my type of fare. It all came out tasting a little muddy however. And considering the effort it took to bone the Cornish Hens and then stuff them, let alone all the other preparations for the dinner, it just wasn’t a very big payoff.