Gourmandise Brillat-Savarin (Fillet of Veal with Mushrooms)


Crepes are a recurring feature of this book. They were probably at the time, and still are to this day, one of the icons of French culinary decadence. I had been eyeing this dish for a while and realizing that I had virtually all the ingredients and a free afternoon, decided to try it. The veal along with its mushroom, shallot and sherry topping was delicious. To be honest, I kind of felt that the crepe really was a third wheel to the party and I had a hard time marrying the two in my mouth. Still, if nothing else, this dish taught me a simple and delicious topping for meats.


Cantabric Sole Ritz (Stuffed Sole Ritz)


Granted I didn’t follow this recipe precisely to order, using frozen over fresh sole and laying the stuffing on as a crust instead of sandwiching it between two filets. However, I think I got a pretty good idea of what this dish was trying to achieve. Not spectacular and missing a sauce but still pretty enjoyable, if forgettable.

Langoustine Mimosa


In case you don’t know, a Langoustine is what it would look like if a shrimp and a lobster had a baby. This dish was my first time, and a pretty tasty introduction it was. Eating this dish felt like a new direction for the cook book but at the same time, exactly what you would expect. Playing greatly on the juxtaposition of the garlic butter crust versus the crisp white wine it was paired with made this a decadent and rewarding dish. Certainly what I think of as ‘haute cuisine,’ at least for the 1960s. Great dish.

Dutch Apple Cake

One of the addendum recipes in the “Frozen Assets” section, this Dutch Apple cake closely resembles the “Apple Breakfast Bread” in the same section pairing apples with nutmeg. However, between the two I enjoyed this one a bit better. A simple cake with a nice buttery flavour. Probably wouldn’t do it again but I always find the process of baking interesting, with its epic rising times for the yeast.

Cannelloni au Gratin with Sardi Sauce


One thing this dish taught me is that I really need a pasta roller! Despite my best efforts my cannelloni noodles came out a little thicker than I would have licked. Still, home made pasta is always nice. This rich dish consisting of a chicken and spinach filling topped with an oozing cheddar and meat bechamel sauce was a delicious and decadent. Definitely one for the books.