Scandinavian Fruit Soup

I actually really enjoyed this dish. I wasn’t able to find any dried peaches, which is too bad because I think they would have been a great addition but it was still a great dish. Perhaps a nicer quality of cream to go on top would be nice, but I really don’t have any complaints.


Grilled Gravad Lax (Grilled Marinated Salmon)

This dish didn’t work out for me but only because my piece of salmon wasn’t adequately large enough for the recipe, so my marinade overwhelmed it with salt. However, this is a classic style of gravad lax using a simple marinade of salt, sugar, and dill and I would certainly try it again another day to see if I could get it right. The mustard sauce accompaniment also didn’t really work out but that’s because my olive oil wasn’t the best quality and gave the sauce a strong unpleasant flavour.

Fish Pudding with Mushroom Cream Sauce


This dish garnered the most skepticism from my peers in the lead up to my “Scandinavian Christmas Dinner.” Ironically, however, this was actually the star of the night.  A halibut fish pudding (more like a souffle) which I made in a fish mold as an extra touch. This was  a lot of fun. The flavours were great and the mushroom cream sauce accompaniment worked great. It’s not really a dish that I will probably do again. But it was a great success nonetheless.