Emince of Chicken Tetrazzini au Gratin

This rich pasta casserole from Sardi’s didn’t really turn out all that well. It kind of just tasted like dirty mushrooms in the end. Moving on!




Cheesecake is one of the few deserts that my girlfriend goes crazy for, so I decided to treat her to this recipe. The deserts of this book haven’t always been the greatest, however I believe this ranks as a first class cheesecake (from Philadelphia no less). I found that it was a little soft in the center. Not sure if that is how the recipe was constructed or if it was a flaw in the baking process of my oven. I might bake it for 2 hours instead of an hour and a half next time. But a great recipe no matter what.

Grilled Gravad Lax (Grilled Marinated Salmon)

This dish didn’t work out for me but only because my piece of salmon wasn’t adequately large enough for the recipe, so my marinade overwhelmed it with salt. However, this is a classic style of gravad lax using a simple marinade of salt, sugar, and dill and I would certainly try it again another day to see if I could get it right. The mustard sauce accompaniment also didn’t really work out but that’s because my olive oil wasn’t the best quality and gave the sauce a strong unpleasant flavour.

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