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Crab Puffs

I haven’t been overly taken with the fried foods in the book. Usually, I find the batter a little pedestrian. However, these crab puffs made out of won tons were a big hit. The fried won ton wrappers had a delicious crispness and the Chinese mustard was a nice balance to cut the greasiness of the oil. A peculiar combo of crab and cream cheese but I could actually see myself making this dish again.


Grilled Tidbit

There aren’t a lot of appetizers in this book and now I know why. The Price’s don’t like them! However, they made an exception for this one from the Warwick Hotel’s Coach Room in Philadelphia. It is essentially mashed sardines wrapped in bacon and broiled. Pretty tasty. I don’t know if I would make it again but if I did I would make sure to try and get sardines that had been thoroughly deboned.

Crisped Shrimp with Mustard Fruit


I haven’t been bowled over with the deep fried foods of this book and I was pretty skeptical of this one as I was preparing it. Fruit and shrimp? Mustard fruit at that? I was pessimistic while trying to stuff the minced fruit into the shrimp and convinced that everything was going to fall out as soon as it hit the oil. But amazingly it held together and the fruit gave each bite a pop of freshness. The sauce was quite pleasant as well, a kind of bechamel sauce infused with the mustard fruits. Overall pretty successful.

Herring in Dill Sauce

Essentially, a honey mustard dill sauce however without any honey just a few tablespoons of sugar. In theory, this dish should be quite delicious. However, the sauce isn’t quite perfected. I couldn’t find herring so I substituted with sardines as the book suggests. But honestly, I think salmon would be better than sardines. The one addition that actually did work were the slices of red onion which actually interacted with the flavour of the sauce quite well.

La Terrine de Ris de Veau (Terrine of Sweetbreads)

I was incredibly trepidatious about using sweetbreads. As a result, I did not buy enough of them and this recipe turned more into a pork terrine than a sweetbread terrine. However, saying that, actually going through the process of preparing and cooking the sweetbreads was quite interesting. Another ingredient I skimped on was the fresh truffles which I was supposed to stuff into the sweetbreads. The truffles would have cost a fortune and were out of season besides so I opted for truffle salt and seasoned the sweetbread as well as the pork with it hoping to compensate. Bottom line, the end result was not really what the recipe called for and turned out quite bland. It also turned out rather hard but I think that’s just par for the course. It was edible, unlike the pike pate, however I don’t think I’ll be returning to it the next time I’m curious about terrines. Bottom line, if you’re going to try this recipe, make sure you get the truffles and sweetbreads as they are where the flavour of the dish comes from.

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