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Butterfly Steak Hong Kong


This recipe basically boils down to being a tasty marinade for steaks. A pretty straightforward combination of Worcestershire sauce, HP sauce, chilli sauce, and Dijon mustard and black pepper. Simple, but one to remember for those weeknight dinners.


Filet Mignon Caesar Augustus


Served with a side of Pureed Mushrooms with Braised Celery, this dish is quite simply a filet mignon steak stuffed with a generous slab of foie gras. I don’t know how much work the foie gras did for the dish, but a steak dinner is always a special occasion at our house.

Hollandsche Biefstuk (Dutch Beefsteak)

Of all the recipes I will surprise my girlfriend with, with this book. None excite her quite so much as a steak and potatoes dinner. This 2lb steak sliced into portions was a very fine piece of meat and made a very satisfying weeknight dinner with some buttered potatoes. However the gravy itself, wasn’t overly impressive. Kind of weak and forgettable. This is the kind of dish that worked well but isn’t necessarily worth revisiting.

Kaaldolmer (Cabbage Leaves Stuffed with Meat)

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Stuffed cabbage leaves are a house favorite. This recipe is an interesting spin on what I would normally expected from a cabbage leaves recipe. For myself, a rich tomato sauce is a requisite for the meal however, this recipe substitutes tomato sauce for beef consomme and molasses. The result is a sweet and savory delight. The one aggravating thing is that I was not able to find any lingonberries to go along with the dish, which frustrates me to no end. Nevertheless, I will definitely be doing this recipe again and it will have those berries next time!