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Gurkas Norge (Stuffed Cucumbers Norwegian Style)


These two inch high cucumber appetizers were one of my favourite dishes from my recent “Scandinavian Christmas Dinner,” with its combination of dill, anchovies, and cream cheese. However, I did receive a few complaints that they would have been better as bite sized medallions. Which, I really can’t disagree with.


Belle Orange

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This is a nice little parfait desert of macerated oranges with whipped cream on top. It tastes exactly like an orange creamsicle. The only issue I had with executing the dish was in making the candied orange peel. I found that the sugar boiled for too long and both slightly burned the peel but also hardened the sugar to inedible. The recipe called for the sugar to be boiled for 8 minutes but I would say 4 or 5 for next time. Because of this I didn’t get to appreciate what the orange peel could have added to the dish but it was still a nice easy desert to whip out.