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Pollo Disossato Valadier (Boned Chicken Valadier)


I had been eyeing this dish for awhile and so it was very gratifying to finally do it. This was the first time I deboned a chicken and was quite proud of myself over that. The cooking time was probably overly generous (as is often the case for oven times in this book) because the chicken came out rather dry. The Marsala wine gravy didn’t quite satisfy as a lubricant either which was kind of disappointing, it was too thin and too boozy. It looked spectacular combing out of the oven but it kind of left me underwhelmed.


Carciofi Vignarola (Garnished Artichoke Hearts

Every now and again you run into a total train wreck when you try new recipes. I will chalk most of the blame up to my inexperience with artichokes but I found the proportions all over the place, the cooking time under and the seasoning lacking. For a book that in some ways lacks in vegetable heavy dishes this one should have really combatted that deficit. Unfortunately, it just didn’t come together for me.