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Breasts of Chicken Tropical


I was very curious this summer to try some of these ‘tropical’ dishes from Mary and Vincent’s book and this seemed like a good one. Perhaps there is some magical recipe out there that will combine melon and chicken into a divine culinary experience, but this is not it. Something in my palette just said no and I couldn’t finish the dish. The melons took on a strange flavour when heated and the whole combination just wasn’t very appetizing.


El Pescador (Seafood and Rice Casserole)


Considering the absolute disaster the Paella a la Valenciana turned out to be, this dish turns around and delivers an amazing punch of flavour and flare. Cooking the rice separately (finally!) guarantees perfectly cooked rice. The combination of salted pork, ham, beef gravy, and pimientos provides a perfect foundation of flavours that plays between savoury and sour on your tongue and allows for the rest of the ingredients to just enjoy the show. The dish called for just shrimp and lobster, but you could really incorporate any type of seafood and it would taste great. Definitely a go to recipe.