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Petits Pois a la Francais (Little Peas with Lettuce)

I was supposed to use fresh peas for this dish but the peas I found were so sad that it would have taken days and a ton of whole pods to feed my party of people so I supplemented my fresh peas with frozen peas which worked quite well. This is just a great side dish that adds a little bit of glamour to your bowl of steamed peas on the table. Definitely a go to.


Filet de Boeuf Cremaillere (Roast Fillet of Beef)

This was the piece-de-resistance for my French Christmas dinner, an entire roast beef fillet larded with pork fat and apple brandy topped with a chopped truffle gravy. It was a delicious cut of meat. I did have some trouble with executing the recipe however. I would recommend to anyone that they secure themselves a larding needle online first as oppose to scour their city looking for one last minute. Also, make sure that you have the right pork lard for larding a roast as opposed to barding one. I also think that perhaps I didn’t seal the truffle properly in the days leading up to the dinner and felt that it didn’t display a lot of flavor. Also, I didn’t cook enough of the brandy and Madeira out of the gravy before serving it so it had a bit of a bite. All in all though, this was a great feast for a happy audience.