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Hanaho (“Come Again!” Rum Punch)

There aren’t a lot of cocktails in the book so when I come across one it always perks my interest. What other drink to accompany our Luau festivities than a Hawaiian Rum Punch! Simple and delicious (and boozy) this drink had us all feeling very merry, very quickly!


Crab Puffs

I haven’t been overly taken with the fried foods in the book. Usually, I find the batter a little pedestrian. However, these crab puffs made out of won tons were a big hit. The fried won ton wrappers had a delicious crispness and the Chinese mustard was a nice balance to cut the greasiness of the oil. A peculiar combo of crab and cream cheese but I could actually see myself making this dish again.

Baked Opakapaka (Planked Fish with Coconut Sauce)


It’s pretty rare for me to cook with fish, let alone a whole fish, but that’s what makes these recipes an adventure! The red snapper that I used to replace the native Hawaiian fish opakapaka was a meaty delicious fish. Bones were a bit of a problem bit that’s to be expected when cooking a whole fish, I guess. For my part, I enjoyed the fish with either pineapple or orange but my friends thought the papaya went quite well with the fish as well. Visually, pretty spectacular. I probably wouldn’t do it again. But it was still a lot of fun.