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Daging Rudjak (Javanese Beef Stew)

This dish was a bit hit with my girlfriend who loves coconut milk curries. I had to make a few substitutions (which I loathe to do) but I am still quite pleased with the results. I substituted macadamia nuts for kemiri (or candle nuts) and I substituted curry leaves for the salam (or Java laurel leaf) although I was able to get galanga (or Java root). But honestly, I don’t think it really altered the flavor profile of the dish too greatly. It’s not personally, the type of curry that I would want to eat again, only because I felt it was missing some type of vibrant element that makes Indian curries so good. But it was a fun experiment and tasty too.


Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice)


Even the most straightforward recipes in this book offer little twists that offer a new perspective. In this case the classic fried rice dish. The combination between chicken and pork and the light curry seasoning give this dish it’s main taste profile but what really makes it pop is the fresh tomato slices. I had never thought to serve tomatoes with Asian style fried rice, with a bit of Sambal Oelek you’re in heaven.

Dadar Djawa (Javanese Omelet)

This little Indonesian subsection in the Holland chapter has been  a great little treat to go through. This omelet is one of the most everyday recipes you’ll find in the book, eggs, butter, sambal, and green onions. At the time, I’ll bet Sambal Oelek hot sauce was a pretty rare condiment in North American kitchens. Now it’s pretty standard, alongside your go to bottle of Sriracha. I think it’s a testament to the Price’s forward thinking that it even makes an appearance in a 1965 cookbook.