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Black Bean Soup

I will eat black beans as well as black bean soup, but it certainly isn’t my favourite. This recipe didn’t change my mind exactly but it certainly did reinvent the traditional black bean soup. An incredibly simple dish that elevates itself by straining the mashed beans through a sieve to create a velvety texture. Along with the infusion of Sorrel leaves, this is a really nice soup that holds its own amidst the many excellent soups in this cookbook.


Asopao de Pollo


This is a pretty good recipe and the flavours are there, the problem I had was trying to execute this “stovetop” in the oven. Unless you have some type of monumental stovetop pot, trying to cook 2 cups of rice and 2 whole chicken along with everything else, just isn’t an option. Where I came into a problem was that the recipe called for extra liquid that was to be boiled down before covering the rice, which I didn’t do. I probably should have used less liquid because my rice came out almost like an Asian congee. However, I would certainly cut this recipe in half and try it again, but this time completely on a stovetop.