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Gourmandise Brillat-Savarin (Fillet of Veal with Mushrooms)


Crepes are a recurring feature of this book. They were probably at the time, and still are to this day, one of the icons of French culinary decadence. I had been eyeing this dish for a while and realizing that I had virtually all the ingredients and a free afternoon, decided to try it. The veal along with its mushroom, shallot and sherry topping was delicious. To be honest, I kind of felt that the crepe really was a third wheel to the party and I had a hard time marrying the two in my mouth. Still, if nothing else, this dish taught me a simple and delicious topping for meats.


Casserolettes de Filets de Sole Lasserre


Don’t ask me what inspired me to take on this momentous task as a last minute week night dinner. I do this type of self punishment to myself on occasion. Still, the result was quite good and satisfied my desire for a savoury pastry dish. I opted not to spring for the optional truffle topping but I sprinkled a little truffle salt over one of the tarts to get an idea of the flavour. It definitely added that little bit of extra decadence, especially if you gravitate towards the truffle flavour. I wouldn’t necessarily run back to this recipe but it was fun to do all the same.