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Emince of Chicken Tetrazzini au Gratin

This rich pasta casserole from Sardi’s didn’t really turn out all that well. It kind of just tasted like dirty mushrooms in the end. Moving on!


Cannelloni au Gratin with Sardi Sauce


One thing this dish taught me is that I really need a pasta roller! Despite my best efforts my cannelloni noodles came out a little thicker than I would have licked. Still, home made pasta is always nice. This rich dish consisting of a chicken and spinach filling topped with an oozing cheddar and meat bechamel sauce was a delicious and decadent. Definitely one for the books.

Tagliatelle Verdi Gratinate Al Prosciutto (Green Noodle Casserole with Prosciutto)


Using the same fresh pasta recipe as the lasagna, this pasta dish doesn’t work out quite so well. While the thicker noodles gave a hearty texture to the lasagna I couldn’t get the dough thin enough to really work as a pasta noodle. So use a pasta maker if you have one. It’s also just heavy cream and prosciutto. Fatty is good generally, but there wasn’t a lot of nuance to the dish.


photo (2)

Once again another first, making my own gnocchi. My girlfriend (Italian) was skeptical. This is a really great cookbook but…there are some missteps along the way. Nevertheless, these gnocchi turned out beautiful. They really are more of a side dish than a main and I could have made them at least half as big as I did. But still, homemade gnocchi! We had so many that the next night I took Vincent’s advice and had them with a veal dish: Veal Cutlets Cordon Bleu.