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Cumberland Sauce

I served this with some cold roast chicken and it was a big hit. The sweet, sour and tangy combination of red current jelly, port, citrus and mustard is simply irresistible.


Sardi’s Meat Sauce

I decided to do a little prep the other day and have a little spaghetti and meat sauce as well! This is a very basic meat sauce with a 1-4 ratio of veal to beef, no pork. It’s not quite as nuanced as the tomato sauce recipe but it is still quite serviceable on its own. I haven’t had a chance to use it as a base for a recipe yet but I froze a bunch in preparation.

Tomato Sauce

At this point, considering that I’m 100% committed to seeing this project through, I have decided to start stocking up on all the special sauces and stocks that Vincent and Mary call for in their book. I have already begun to freeze my own stocks when I can and yesterday I made my very first tomato sauce. I worked at an Italian restaurant once where they made their own tomato sauce and so knew first hand how amazing homemade tomato sauce can be! This recipe is slightly more rich than the one my old restaurant used to make, incorporating salted pork and chicken stock with the fresh tomatoes. This result is magnificent! A beautiful, clean tomato sauce that is infused with a rich, savory flavour. I even canned 3 jars of it since I happened to have some mason jars handy. Two firsts in one day!