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Coquille of Lobster Savannah


This dish felt like the filling of a pie more than anything else and the pimientos over powered everything else with their tangy-ness. I wouldn’t do this again.


Langoustine Mimosa


In case you don’t know, a Langoustine is what it would look like if a shrimp and a lobster had a baby. This dish was my first time, and a pretty tasty introduction it was. Eating this dish felt like a new direction for the cook book but at the same time, exactly what you would expect. Playing greatly on the juxtaposition of the garlic butter crust versus the crisp white wine it was paired with made this a decadent and rewarding dish. Certainly what I think of as ‘haute cuisine,’ at least for the 1960s. Great dish.

El Pescador (Seafood and Rice Casserole)


Considering the absolute disaster the Paella a la Valenciana turned out to be, this dish turns around and delivers an amazing punch of flavour and flare. Cooking the rice separately (finally!) guarantees perfectly cooked rice. The combination of salted pork, ham, beef gravy, and pimientos provides a perfect foundation of flavours that plays between savoury and sour on your tongue and allows for the rest of the ingredients to just enjoy the show. The dish called for just shrimp and lobster, but you could really incorporate any type of seafood and it would taste great. Definitely a go to recipe.

Crisped Shrimp with Mustard Fruit


I haven’t been bowled over with the deep fried foods of this book and I was pretty skeptical of this one as I was preparing it. Fruit and shrimp? Mustard fruit at that? I was pessimistic while trying to stuff the minced fruit into the shrimp and convinced that everything was going to fall out as soon as it hit the oil. But amazingly it held together and the fruit gave each bite a pop of freshness. The sauce was quite pleasant as well, a kind of bechamel sauce infused with the mustard fruits. Overall pretty successful.