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Kedgeree of Salmon

This is a creamy, mild curry in the same style as Papa Bergerand’s Chicken Curry from the Hostellerie de la Poste in France. If you can imagine it, you create a sort of rice igloo by making a ring of rice mixed with salmon then putting the majority of the poached salmon in the middle, covering it with rice and then pouring the curry sauce over top. It’s quite heavy and kind of one note, but it is also quite hearty and satisfying as a dish. I probably won’t ever make it again but it left me intrigued enough to wonder what other “curry” recipes I might find in the book.


Boiled Leg of Lamb with Caper Sauce

A simple British dish that is a play on a New England boiled dinner. The caper sauce was okay but we all pulled out some hot mustard anyway. Not much to say about this dish except that I had an endless amount of fun putting an entire onion onto everyone’s plate! Moving on.

Steamed Apple Pudding

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This was to be the finishing touch on my British themed dinner party, a steamed apple pudding spiced with cloves and smothered in vanilla custard. Sadly, however, this dish was a bit of a dud. This dough tasted like uncooked pie dough and the clove flavour was somewhat overpowering. It was fun to make because you have to lower the pudding into a vat of simmering water with a rope. Luckily, our dinner guests arrived with a delicious apple shortbread tart that saved the dessert section of the meal!

Hare Soup


I couldn’t find Hare in the grocery store but they did have some fresh rabbit which was just as good, I thought. This is a very interesting and unique soup. After braising the rabbit with some veggies for 2 hours you set aside the drumsticks and then puree the rest of the soup, straining it through a fine sieve to create a consomme. You bring the consomme to a boil with a bouquet garne of rosemary, basil, thyme, and marjoram, remove the bouquet, add a quarter cup of port and a bit of butter to create this rich, savory broth. Mince the drumsticks, place them on a piece of toast and then ladle the broth over top. The result is something refined, complex, elegant and yet incredibly hearty at the same time. A real winner. Something to impress around Christmas.

Deviled Rib Bones

These are meant to be a by product of the roast beef and so I thought I was supposed to use short ribs, whereas I believe that I was suppose to the actual prime ribs. Regardless, this isn’t a bad recipes. A mustard coating followed by a bread crumbs crust, the flavours are decent but nothing that I would really go back to as a must have recipe.

Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding

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Considering Vincent Price’s fondness for England, it is not surprising that this, most typical of dishes, turned out so well. I wasn’t able to get a standing rib roast but my roast turned out spectacular none the less, a perfect medium rare. The Yorkshire puddings turned out marvelously as well and impressed our Welsh house guest who looked on with trepidation as they cooked. The only snag with the recipes was that the gravy, as the recipe instructed was more of a sparing pan sauce and so we played around with it until we got the copious, rich, gravy that we have come to expect with our roasts.