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Soup Anglaise (Cake with Custard Cream)


Macerated fruit salad sandwiched between two layers of Genoise cake. Covered with custard and then covered in meringue and browned. This cake was a monster. Very rich, very decadent. Not necessarily to my taste, it came off a little too sweet and cloying. But still a fascinating dish.


Chicken Chichen Itza

This is probably one of the blandest dishes in the book. Vincent says that the dish relies on its “spicy” sauce. I have concluded that the Price’s simply were not spicy eaters because they seem to think that a clove of garlic and some cumin is spicy. It was filling and satisfying but not really up to the standards of the rest of the book.


Desserts always fascinate me because they are often the least likely culinary dish to make yourself. This recipe for a flan is quite simple, consisting entirely of sugar, blanched almonds, condensed milk, cream, and eggs. I made the mistake of using brown sugar instead of white and the sugar syrup topping ended up being rather bitter. Paired with the fact that the flan itself wasn’t very sweet (maybe because I used evaporated milk instead of condensed, I always get the two mixed up). Furthermore, the almonds weren’t quite completely powdered in the blender which disturbed somewhat the velvety consistency of the flan. Despite all this, with a little maple syrup poured over top, this was a tasty little dessert and a fun new recipe to try, not to mention the endless puns you can make with the word flan!