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Veal Cutlets Cordon Bleu


I was pretty excited to try this dish. It was a lot of work and a little tricky to get veal stuffed securely. In the end, I wasn’t as blown away by this dish as I thought I would be. Partially, because the veal scallops were a little grisly. Still, I would try this dish again, or at least a variation on it.


Carre de Veau a la Duxelles (Roast Stuffed Rib of Veal)


This Christmas we continued our now annual tradition of having a Mary and Vincent Price themed festive dinner. This time, taking inspiration from the Holland section of the book. Tracking down the smoked beef tongue was like going on the search for the Holy Grail and when we did finally find it, it was the funkiest, gnarliest thing I have seen in years. Not to be daunted however, I plunged forward (ignoring the horrified cries from friends and family) and followed this recipe to the T. It was a fantastic success. The ‘duxelles’ crust really was amazing. The only thing I would change however is foregoing the whole pre-carving/stuffing aspect, which was an absolute mess and really didn’t seem to be worth the hassle (which clearly the book photographers felt the same). Would I hunt down for the tongue again? Perhaps not, but I am proud to complete these recipes without cutting any corners and the adventure is half the fun anyway, isn’t it?

Osso Bucco Alla Milanese

These were gargantuan pieces of meat that elicited no end of guffaws and incredulity from my dinner guests. The one problem I found was that the recipe seemed to lack enough liquid so I added a fair amount of water which diluted the seasoning. The quality of meat was unquestionable but the vegetables got lost in the shuffle. I wouldn’t make this again, not because it wasn’t good, but more because osso bucco just isn’t what appeals to me in a grand dinner.

Kalfilet Oskar (Veal Cutlets with Crab Legs)


This dish is one of the most restaurant quality looking dishes I have made so far. Veal top sirloin topped with crab and asparagus and drizzled with bearnaise sauce. It’s a very refined looking dish that tastes quite good. The bearnaise sauce was easy to make in the blender and tasted amazing. The crab meat was so good that I wanted much more of it. I’m not saying that I would run back to the recipe too soon. But it was an interesting dish and a great one to have in your back pocket if you need it.

Schnitzel a la Luchow


Even the most basic recipes in Mary and Vincent’s book contain little twists. This recipe for veal schnitzel (unbreaded, for shame!) adds an interesting element of a mushroom omelet and a beef broth reduction gravy. I decided to do two kinds of schnitzel, one breaded and one not. I would have to say that breaded schnitzel is superior. But the combination of egg, mushroom, veal and asparagus is quite enjoyable. Especially with some mashed potatoes.