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Fruit Cake

Around Christmas time, I wanted to make this cake as a bit of a nod to Christmas tradition. Little did I know that the elusive candied angelica would be completely unavailable in Montreal, where I live. I ended up having to import it from the UK for $25, which is certainly exorbitant for two tablespoons of angelica. Was it worth it? Probably not. Candied angelica looks and tastes like what I imagine candied celery would look and taste like. But I would not be denied. The cake itself is not like any fruit cake I’ve ever had before. The cake itself is more like a cruller, a dense, crunchy white cake as opposed to that brown brick we usually associate with fruit cake. Furthermore, it was flavored with lemon and oranges and was topped with a lemon icing with gave it a zesty finish which is quite unlike your standard fruit cake. It was actually quite good and I would certainly make this again without hesitation.


Tea Scones

photo (5)

This is a pretty by the book, quintessential tea scone from Woburn Abbey. You may notice from the photo that they turned out a little flat. I’ve mentioned a few times through this blog thus far some problems I’ve been having with flat or dense baked goods and have only just sussed out that the cause was that I had been freezing my flour! I’ve had some problems with pantry moths and so thought that that would be a good solution, however have since come to realize that I really just need some air tight containers for my baking ingredients. Nevertheless, these scones tasted wonderful.