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Sillsalad (Herring Salad)


I was particularly curious about this salad with its unusual combination of ingredients. In the end however, I found the use of salt herring a little overly pungent in the salad. Not a bad salad, but for a particular palette we might say.


Caesar Salad

Unlike any Caesar salad I’ve ever had, despite the fact that Vincent claims to have devised this concoction after personally viewing hundreds of Caesars tossed “north and south of the Border.” What makes it so peculiar to my expectations is how light and tangy it is. I’ve come to expect Caesar’s to be creamy, rich, and topped with bacon. But this is just another way in which the book reflects an almost anthropological dimension to it.

I’m not quite sure why this recipe is placed in the British section except that they wanted to put it in their ‘food market’ part of the book which ended up being Harrod’s, as they say it originated in Tijuana, Mexico.