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Scandinavian Fruit Soup

I actually really enjoyed this dish. I wasn’t able to find any dried peaches, which is too bad because I think they would have been a great addition but it was still a great dish. Perhaps a nicer quality of cream to go on top would be nice, but I really don’t have any complaints.


Poularde Dikker and Thijs (Braised Chicken with Mushrooms and Lobster)

There was nothing wrong with this dish, but in the end it didn’t really excite me very much. The chicken smelled and tasted amazing after it had been, browned in butter and poached in white wine. But the mushroom cream sauce with the additional lobster almost seemed like detractors. It’s a flavour palette that’s quite common in the book and not necessarily the most engaging.

Dutch Apple Cake

One of the addendum recipes in the “Frozen Assets” section, this Dutch Apple cake closely resembles the “Apple Breakfast Bread” in the same section pairing apples with nutmeg. However, between the two I enjoyed this one a bit better. A simple cake with a nice buttery flavour. Probably wouldn’t do it again but I always find the process of baking interesting, with its epic rising times for the yeast.