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Asparagus Milanese


This is one of these dishes that seems so simple you aren’t sure if it really needs/deserves a recipe. However, the answer is yes, yes, YES! An amazing dish that both me and my girlfriend became addicted to as a breakfast dish for a few weeks. The trick of peeling the skin off the asparagus was completely new to me and really reinvents the taste and feel of the vegetable. The combination of parmesan, egg yolk, and asparagus is just to die for. Really good. The brown butter poured over is just cherry on top to this easy, amazing dish.


Poached Eggs Harlequin


I don’t get a lot of opportunities to do brunch dishes from the book so I always jump at the chance when it presents itself. I personally love poached eggs but I wasn’t such a fan of the chicken sauce that went over top. Just a little too much like goop. Oh well.

Dadar Djawa (Javanese Omelet)

This little Indonesian subsection in the Holland chapter has been  a great little treat to go through. This omelet is one of the most everyday recipes you’ll find in the book, eggs, butter, sambal, and green onions. At the time, I’ll bet Sambal Oelek hot sauce was a pretty rare condiment in North American kitchens. Now it’s pretty standard, alongside your go to bottle of Sriracha. I think it’s a testament to the Price’s forward thinking that it even makes an appearance in a 1965 cookbook.

Harvey Girl Special Little Thin Orange Pancakes

At first you might, “Ok, what’s so special about packaged pancake mix?” But this is actually a really cool recipe. By not following the package directions and following the Price’s instructions, the pancakes turn out not big and doughy but thin and crepe like. The orange zest flavored throughout the pancakes is just another bonus on top of that. Great and easy recipe to add a bit of flair to breakfast!

Buckingham Eggs


Although Vincent recommends this dish as a late night supper, it seems superbly more suitable as a weekend brunch dish. Elevating your simple scramble eggs and cheese breakfast, this dish adds a mustard-anchovy paste on the toast and a bit of Worcestershire sauce dabbed on top before being thrown under the broiler. A bit of a play on the benedict stack, this is a simple dish which adds a bit of royal flair to your brunch care of George Villiers, 17th century Duke of Buckingham.