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Zuppa di Pesce Royal Danieli (Fish Soup)


As me and my girlfriend ramp up for our trip to Italy this summer, I have been especially interested in the remaining Italian dishes in the book. This one particularly grabbed my attention because we plan to eat at the famous Royal Danieli Terrace when we visit Venice. Fish stews don’t necessarily attract my attention but this was still quite a nice dish, comprised of about every kind of fish and seafood you could imagine. I doubt I will ever go back to it, but it was still a worthwhile adventure.


Mushroom Soup with Parmesan Cheese

Prior to adding the final thickener of egg yolks, parmesan, and parsley, I thought that this was a fantastic soup as I was making it. Afterwards, I found it a thick, slimy, sludge. I actually would do this recipe again but leave it as a clear broth!

Black Bean Soup

I will eat black beans as well as black bean soup, but it certainly isn’t my favourite. This recipe didn’t change my mind exactly but it certainly did reinvent the traditional black bean soup. An incredibly simple dish that elevates itself by straining the mashed beans through a sieve to create a velvety texture. Along with the infusion of Sorrel leaves, this is a really nice soup that holds its own amidst the many excellent soups in this cookbook.

Sopa Poblano (Chili Poblano Soup)


Contrary to what you might expect from the name, this soup is not dominated by Poblano Peppers. It is, as Vincent aptly described, a kind of Mexican minestrone. And it was delicious. Simple, fresh fare. I found the avocado added not really necessary and I would personally add a dollop of sour cream over Parmesan, but other than that, a really great soup. The Price’s definitely have a great track record with their soups!

Soupe a L’oignon

I have done this soup a couple of times and always enjoy the result. It’s quite unlike any French Onion Soup I have come across in either North America or France but it is quite delightful and unique. Generally, I find French onion soups to have large chunks of onion, but in this one the onion is minced, essentially liquifying the onions and making the soup more of a broth. The white wine paired with the bacon fat is a delicious combination that just dances across the taste buds. Personally, I find that bacon fat is better used fresh. For some reason whenever I try to store it, it always tastes stale. I would also caution not to use too much of the bacon fat in the recipe or it could over power the soup and make it also a little oily to the palette. Success.