Boiled Leg of Lamb with Caper Sauce

A simple British dish that is a play on a New England boiled dinner. The caper sauce was okay but we all pulled out some hot mustard anyway. Not much to say about this dish except that I had an endless amount of fun putting an entire onion onto everyone’s plate! Moving on.



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Having lived in Paris for nine months, I have eaten my fair share of croque-monsieurs. I may not have been able to eat at the Tour D’Argent but I could certainly afford to visit some of the many blue collar bistros scattered throughout the city and, wherever I went, I was sure to order their croque-monsieur and their onion soup. This recipe calls for something that I never came across once while in Paris, Roquefort cheese. Which I’m not complaining about because the addition of blue cheese made this luncheon sandwich a dream come true. Although, as you can see I did a little improvising myself and transformed this monsieur into a madame (with an egg on top). A delicious and simple recipe that brought me back to some of my happiest days.



Essential a Yorkshire Pudding with a Vienna sausage in the middle. The popover itself was very nice but the Vienna sausage was disgusting. You know you’re eating something bad as you do it. However, I would definitely use this recipe again and substitute the Vienna sausage for something of greater quality because the recipe itself is solid.

Currant Pasty with Hard Sauce

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This was a very tasty little desert but, in my opinion, the hard sauce was overkill. The richness of the pastry crust with the sweet rich currant filling was already a flavour overload. While I like the idea of a butter and brandy sauce the 4 tablespoons of sugar made this the sweetest desert I’ve ever had! However, after we ditched the hard sauce me and my mom couldn’t stop devouring this tea time sweet.